Rib and Block Concrete Slab Advantages

Here is why you need to use the Rib and Block slab system.

The technology in doing concrete flooring very quickly has been updated during the past few years. Rib and block concrete slab systems has been designed for easier installation and quicker building times.

For those who don't understand what this Rib and Block means. The two-part system, consisting of ‘ribs' and ‘blocks', forms permanent shutters/holding space for the quick and economical construction of floors in multi-story buildings.

The ‘Ribs' or concrete lintel: these are reinforced, precast concrete sections that are used to span between walls up to 7 meters wide. The reinforcing steel is in the form of a lattice, protruding positively from the concrete to strengthen the lintel for transport, as well as to supply shear strength in the floor. The lattice is tied-in to steel mesh and other before casting of concrete.

The ‘Blocks' or concrete hollow bricks: are hollow section precast units, placed to hang over the ribs/lintels, completing the shutter.

The steel lattices are tied in to steel mesh and other supporting structural components, electrical and other channels are placed and the floor is cast in–situ with concrete.

With this innovative Rib and Block system, we can assist with the following economical building solutions: suspended flooring, suspended concrete slabs, concrete flooring, casting concrete slabs, construction of slabs and installing concrete slabs.

Some Advantages of using this particular concrete slab system:

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